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Digital Collage

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 My passion is creating images, bringing them forth into the world. That process isn’t always straightforward and I have always been interested in that intersection between images, dreams, and states of being. I keep going back to the theme of “reality” and what that is. It is that space between? I continue to be intrigued and inspired by those possibilities!
Whereas some seek to explain the world to measure and document it finitely. I am captured by its ability to mystify and confuse. The borders between illusion and reality are elusive and porous,  it is in that space I find the most surprise and inspiration. I unlock the door to that private and special and temporary  place where wonder and imagination flourish if you let it in.
One of the ways that I have been able to achieve this way of “poking through” reality is by adapting digital processes that allow me to operate intuitively without getting bogged down with technique and art supplies! If I The way I am working provides the freedom to process the feelings that are not easy to express in words, ones that are only momentarily revealed somewhat like an animal camouflaging itself so you can’t see it until you do.
To start a series or continue on a series I spend a lot of time gathering images. I then stop thinking and randomly put the parts and pieces together. Once I have a few done I look back to see if the dialogue I started will continue or not. Sometimes the images I have cannot tell the story or resolve the conflict. I know that if I keep at it and when I least expect it there is a sense of elation that comes over me knowing that the space between illusion and reality while elusive will continue to be open for me to explore for awhile.